Are you a weekend warrior?

How often do you find yourself counting down the days until Friday, only for the two days of freedom that we long for flash by in the blink of an eye? It’s easy to let those two days go to waste, so follow these tips and make the most of your weekend!

Make a plan (and a backup plan)

We live busy lives, and finding the time to dedicate to ourselves is complicated at the best of times. Make sure you fit in as much as possible into the first few days of the week. Got errands to run - do them on your lunch break! Start planning your weekend early in the week and always make a backup plan! Sometimes things conspire against you (think weather!).

Keep an eye out for inspiration

The best way to keep your exploration juices flowing is to keep a list of places you want to go or trips you want to make. Instagram is a great place for inspiration, just jot down in your phone notes when you see something that peaks your interest (excuse the pun), then go and research it later. By the time spring comes along you’ll have a list of adventures as long as your arm to go at! The best thing about this is that even if you get rained out, you can just take a quick look at your list and find another adventure.

Have Your Gear Ready To Go

This is super important, don’t leave packing until the last minute. Make sure you have everything ready to go, making it as easy as possible to chuck your stuff in the car and get going, and always pack a waterproof! Don't forget to pack your Dust & Pine walking trousers, leggings & a long sleeve top.

Don’t be afraid to go small

Not every weekend has to be some big adventure - maybe you just want to try a new run or hike around your home. Spending just a small amount of time in the outdoors and doing exercise can have numerous positive effects on your health and wellbeing.

Try something new

Don’t get caught in a bubble of doing the same types of activities every weekend. Spend a lot of time hiking? Try hiring a canoe for a day and see those valleys you hike from a different perspective. Usually spend the weekend racking up miles on your road bike? Switch it up with some mountain biking.

Or you could just ignore all this and be spontaneous, some of the best adventures are when you jump in your car and head somewhere without a plan!

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