As the seasons change, seize your chance to change

March is just around the corner and with it comes lighter, longer days as the outdoors springs back to life with the arrival of wild daffodils and wood anemones, followed a little later by the UKs favourite, the bluebell. The change in seasons can have a powerful effect, with the move from winter to spring possibly one of the best feelings for many. Months of dark nights, wind and rain and some seriously chapped lips drift away as we embrace the first signs of milder weather and a chance to spend a lot more time outdoors.

Some of us have already decided that this year we want to get outside a bit more. We’ve spent the winter cosied up reading articles on the importance of our own wellbeing and the value of being kind to ourselves; in a busy world where it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by day to day life, the pressures of work and the feeling that you are constantly not achieving! But where do you start?

Firstly, can we suggest you grab yourself a pair of our walking trousers? Super soft, durable, water repellent, stretchy and with deep pockets for your phone and keys, they’re an affordable trouser that delivers in both style and performance. The decision to make a change is an important step and just ten minutes outside, each day, can make such a difference but why not go a little further and start with a few walks at the weekends? 

A sight truly worth seeing is a carpet of bluebells and if you come across this there is a chance you are walking through ancient woodland. You may know of a bluebell walk near you, they really are a treat for the eyes, whilst the fresh air and brisk walk is a treat for the lungs and will help with the release of mood-raising endorphins in your body. If you don’t know of any near you the National Trust provides a list.

One of our favourite magical carpets is at Enys Gardens, set under ancient trees in the Parc Lye Meadow. If it’s not local to you maybe it’s a great excuse for a weekend away in Cornwall.

Once you start, walking can become addictive as you explore new places, feel better in yourself and find that you are starting to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends, leaving the daily commute and the weekly grind well behind you.  You can find loads of walks online, just get googling but if you need somewhere to start, the Wildlife Trust invite you to ‘Choose your Adventure’ and find a walk near you. We suggest the Putley Loop in Herefordshire, a 4-mile walk through pastures, woodland and orchards. Go April to May to enjoy the blossom. 

Don’t limit the time of day, if you’re an early bird why not try a dawn walk and as we move towards warmer weather there is the opportunity to enjoy some super sunsets, as the landscape bids the sun goodnight.

The best approach is to start with a few short walks and build up. There is no rush and nothing to prove. If we enjoy something we usually want to do it again, success, however small breeds success and ripples through into our everyday lives. We feel more confident, more at ease with others and ourselves and generally more relaxed. What’s important to remember is that everyone progresses at their own pace and level.

Dust & Pine believe every woman should feel encouraged and confident, our clothes reflect our beliefs, they are affordable, practical and designed to make you feel good about yourself. We welcome you on our journey as a brand and are keen to hear your stories.

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