Bringing nature into your home

Are you a lover of the outdoors and want to reflect that in your inside space?

We’ve compiled some of our top tips and favourite products to help you recreate the outdoors, indoors.

Beautiful succulents

Not only do plants look beautiful, they can also bring and promote a sense of calm. Whether you want a statement piece, for example using a large vase to break up a room, or small pots, on window sills, shelves or hanging from the ceiling. Plants really can brighten up any space. Your local garden centre is bound to have a selection or try Lazy Flora and take out a plant subscription from £12 per month.


Bringing the outdoors, indoors isn't just about decor, it's also about the smell and who doesn’t love a candle, right? Especially, a natural, botanical one handcrafted in beautiful apothecary glassware. ‘Beyond the Pines’ is a beautiful scent, which invokes the power of nature, bringing the peaceful essence into your home. The scent combines Pine needle, cedar wood and eucalyptus, transporting you to the heart of a forest, whilst the lime, tea tree and peppermint cleanse and purify. Enjoy the woody notes of Beyond the Pines in your home.

If that doesn’t take your fancy and your looking for something to take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life, try Rooftop Garden. This candle brings the delights of lavender, thyme, basil and jasmine directly into your home.  You feel truly immersed in the natural tones of the garden, earthy, spicy smells combined with a floral touch.

Herb Gardens

Not only does it mean you can stop buying expensive fresh herbs from the shop, if you got no outdoor space, you can easily add a little greenery to your home by introducing some herbs to your window sill.

Naturally, the kitchen is the best spot, just ensure they get a good amount of sunlight.

Here are a few different types to get you going: Chives, Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme.

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