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If you’ve been furloughed you might be feeling a little lost right now. You were working flat out, loving your job and the interaction with others and the security it provided. Nothing has been lost though; if you stop and think about it your employer has taken the step, not only to protect their business but also to secure you as part of their workforce.

We have all now heard the words, unprecedented, uncertain, exceptional on numerous occasions and yes it is true but we are also hearing people say that we will emerge into a new world with lessons we have learnt being foremost in our minds. A time of reflection, a chance to take stock, a chance to re-evaluate what really matters. For some, this is easier than for others but we do all have a chance to create our own tomorrow.

So if you’re feeling a bit lost, we suggest starting with a bit of routine, you may think what difference will it make but as Brianna Wiest explains in her article, people who do the same thing each day and have a steady daily routine tend to be happier.

Having a sense of purpose gives adults a feeling of safety and that can only be a good thing. Routines don’t need to be too complicated or demanding; they can be as simple as having a time you get up and go to sleep. Perhaps deciding to enjoy a coffee first thing, as you listen to the birds waking or watch the sun rising. At bedtime, it can be reading a good book or making time for some quiet meditation. If you’ve children at home, try encouraging them to join in. The National Trust has put together a great guide on how you can identify different birdsong, which is a great way to involve children or just inform yourself.


Take advantage of the opportunity to get outside once a day. This needn’t be an epic walk or flat out bike ride but the chance to get out and enjoy the outdoors, breathe in fresh air (which is so much fresher with fewer cars on the roads) and feel the sun on our face is a supertonic. At Dust & Pine, we are of course big lovers of being outdoors but also big believers that everyone can do it. It’s free and can be done at your own pace and on your own terms. Why not treat yourself to some of our comfy leggings or walking trousers, perfect for the job!

With a routine in place and we hope, a good feeling from some daily fresh air why not start to Create Your Own Tomorrow? Believe it or not, you’re in the driving seat right now and the decisions you make can make a huge difference in your life as you go forward.

How about a bit of professional development, there are so many free online courses available at the moment, like these from Reed, ranging from business and admin, IT, Nutrition and Health and Customer Service.

Or learn a new skill, like Photography, Illustrator or Drawing. SkillShare invites you to explore your Creativity for free.

Fancy a declutter of the home, The KonMari method is a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life.

There are so many opportunities online and many learning providers are offering courses for free, so spend some time googling and find something you fancy; you never know it might spark a career change or a direction you never imagined taking.

You may fancy volunteering and there are plenty of organisations asking for help through the media and social platforms but if you feel you’d like to give a little back more long term you could consider charities such as Age Uk who have a Befriending service to help combat loneliness or you can find out about helping out in your local area or making a regular commitment to volunteer with a charity or community group. Find out what’s available in your area by visiting Gov.Uk’s volunteer pages.

Whatever you do, decide to do something, however small. Giving yourself a routine and exploring what’s available to you, can make a huge difference right now. You can Create Your Own Tomorrow, you’ve just got to believe what Captain Tom Moore said: “Tomorrow will be a good day”.

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