Fancy Camping – Go Wild!

How to go Wild Camping

Camping doesn’t have to be quite as planned as you might think. Yes, there are some amazing campsites to choose from across the UK but what if you are feeling more adventurous and want to get just a little closer to nature.

The best way to really explore the great outdoors is to Wild Camp and if you live in the South West or fancy heading that way, you’re sorted as the Dartmoor National Park permits you to do just that but you must remember to:

  • Take all your litter home.
  • Guard against the risk of fire.
  • Ensure you do not pollute streams or rivers.
  • Avoid disturbing wildlife particularly during the moorland lambing and bird breeding season, from 1 March to 31 July.

There are also some great walks, including the Venford Reservoir and Bench Tor, Devon and Wistman’s Wood is an easy walk on a waymarked path in the middle of the park. Creep beneath the trees’ lichen-covered boughs in a woodland that has remained unspoilt for hundreds of years. Naturally, you’ll need a decent pair of walking trousers so don’t forget to pack your super soft, Dust and Pine walking trousers. Their high-rise fit is designed for long days walking, ensuring maximum comfort.

If you fancy finding your own favourite spot it’s important to know that you do, technically need the landowner's permission so tread carefully. We found this really informative article by Alan Rogers that offers lots of advice and guidance on the dos and don’ts.

The Countryfile website is also a great source of information with advice on the essentials you need but also a few tips on your location. Plan to arrive late in the day to avoid disturbing others and leave early before other walkers are out and about. Find a remote spot – but tell someone where you’re going and of course remember, The Wild Camping Code: Leave No Trace.

You may be new to exploring the outdoors and growing in confidence, don’t feel you have to jump into Wild Camping or even try it at all; it’s not for everyone. There are loads of places and options for Camping and Glamping in the UK and plenty of websites to help you decide, like this one from Cool Camping.

As always, share your stories with us, we really do love hearing them.

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