Getting into Cycling

Getting into Cycling – A Taste of Freedom

Most of us had a bike when we were younger and probably can’t remember the actual day we rode without stabilisers but have many great memories of days out on our bike. Cycling gave most of us our first taste of freedom, the chance to cycle to friends, to work or head off on an adventure. As the years rolled by we ditched the bike, lost interest or became too busy with work, a young family, life really!

In recent years there has been a lot of interest in cycling as people recognise the benefits to their health and also the savings that can be made in the daily commute. It’s also a great family activity as its relatively cheap once everyone has a bike.

Cycling is an aerobic activity, which means that your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout, improving your overall fitness level; it’s also great for lifting your mood. So if you are keen to get back into cycling or try it for the first time where do you start…

First of all you need a bike and can usually pick up a good quality second hand bike from a local bike recycling centre, Preloved .

or local Facebook groups. Bike shops also have second hand bikes available that have been traded in. Of course you can always treat yourself to a new one, here are a few of our favourites:

The Pendleton Ashwell Hybrid Bike

This bike is suitable for any adult, its versatile/classic design ensures anyone's cycling desires are met, whether that may be popping to the shop, meeting friends for lunch, or simply cruising around. 

Pinnacle Lithium 1 2020 Women's Hybrid Bike

If you ride a bit of all terrains and you need a bike as adaptable and adventurous as you are, the Lithium is ready for you.

Don’t forget the all important cycling shorts – you will probably be fine for short rides in your usual summer shorts but for longer rides and as you get more into cycling your best investment is some good padding. We found this article really useful in understanding the benefits of chamois Dust & Pine really hope to be able to offer you cycling shorts in the future but for now we think our long sleeve gym top, To the Top in Twilight would look just perfect with your shorts.

Without a doubt a helmet is a must in our opinion, the information below might help you when choosing one:

  • The helmet should absorb impact and stay on your head during impact..
  • The helmet must be made of materials that don’t react with sweat, skin or substances commonly found in cosmetic products.
  • The helmet must permit reasonable visibility when in use.
  • The helmet should protect all sides of your head in the event of an impact.
  • The strap must not break from the impact.

If you, like us, really want to wear a helmet but struggle to fine one you like you might find this article from Women’s Health useful. Highlighting some protective but cute helmets.

A great way to really enjoy cycling is to find others to cycle with, whether it’s friends or family or perhaps others in your local area. Cycling UK is a great online resource that helps you find local groups in your area. Fancy something a bit different? Why not join in with a Cycling Festival? They are free and British Cycling are bringing Let’s Ride events to a city near you. You can sign up here 

Whatever you decide, the best thing to do is just give it a go and when you get home why not treat yourself to a Cyclist's Tin Of Baked Treats!

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