Hell yeah it's Friday!

So we have a choice don’t we, we give up, live in leggings (which to be fair we quite like the sound of, particularly if they are our high rise workout leggingsscrape our hair back in a scrunchie and ditch the make up, or we add a little structure and say “Hell yeah it’s Friday”!

We loved Fridays before lockdown so why not love them now? It’s still the end of the week and we have still achieved. Many of us will have smashed a few online exercise classes, home schooled the kids, worked from home, baked a cake and nailed numerous FaceTime chats – yes we have achieved and we deserve to get that Friday feeling!

Last week saw #dressupfriday gathering pace across instagram as many got dressed up, poured their favourite drink and celebrated the end of a tough week. Ridley London dressed up and caught our eye - with much to celebrate as they launched their loungewear collection in support of Re-engage UK who are committed to elderly people being heard, valued and engaged.

You don’t need to have launched a collection though, for many of us the readjustment of the past few weeks and getting through this week is enough of a reason to celebrate. We shouldn’t resign ourselves to not wearing our favourite dress, jumpsuit, top, skirt, whatever it is that you love and makes you feel special.

We’ve picked a few of our Friday night favourites that we thought we would share:

Films – so many to choose from but we are fancying La La Land this week. Or, if you are feeling nostalgic, Disney+ have variety of old classics to enjoy.

Drinks – with warmer weather approaching how about a spot of Sancerre? Usually pricey but not if you shop smart and try this one from Aldi. 

Prefer gin? The list is endless these days but we recently came across the Hill Billy Gin so thought we should share 

Beer please! So many to choose from with Honest Brew, alcohol free options too for key workers on call

All out with a cocktail or two.. Chase Distillery's Espresso Martini is a firm favourite of ours and they currently have 15% off. 

Chocolate – yes do it, you’ve exercised all week, probably with the awesome Joe Wicks so you can allow yourself a treat! We make no excuse for this favourite, Tony’s Chocolonely100% slave-free chocolate, they’re crazy about chocolate, serious about people, something we feel strongly about at Dust & Pine so we feel good about every bar we buy!

Music - If you do one thing to help during the coronavirus crisis (on top of self-isolating, social distancing etc.), download Matt Lucas’s Baked Potato song. It’s an old jingle of his that he’s rewritten with key messages to avoid spreading and catching Covid-19. All the money raised from the song goes to FeedNHS, which aims to get hot meals to NHS staff working around the clock at the moment. 

Hopefully you’re feeling a little more inspired to get dressed up this Friday, as an outdoor clothing brand we are all about practical, functional clothing for all women. We are comfortable in our walking trousers and find them hard to part with but even Dust & Pine women like to get glammed up and say “Hell yeah it’s Friday”.

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