How to stay active during social isolation

Covid-19 is affecting us all right now and with the UK rightfully self-isolating, we wanted to share with you some ideas on how to remain active during self-isolation. 

All of us need to remain active during this time. It's easy to spend this time, sat down and not moving, as much as you normally would. Perhaps, you don't feel you were too active before, but don't take for granted your commute to work and walking around the office. 

In the UK we are currently allowed one venture out of our homes a day to carry out exercise, whether that is a walk, a run or cycle. We encourage you to get outside, as we know the positive impact the outdoors can have on our mind, body and general wellbeing. Please remember, if you are venturing outdoors, to carry out social distancing and follow government guidelines. 

Home Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Trainers and gyms across the UK are turning to social media to provide live workouts, that you can follow along at home. Women's Health has put together a workout timetable, which they are updating daily. It includes workouts from F45, The Body Coach (more on him later), GymBox, FoundryFit and more. If you're looking for some Yoga videos, whether you want challenging or to relax, we'd recommend Yoga with Adriene. Adriene covers Yoga for all levels and has a variety of videos that challenge you, focus on problem areas or ones to destress and relax.

We'd also recommend having a look at what fitness apps are available to download to your phone. We love the FIIT, app it has a variety of workouts and trainers and the free version, has plenty to keep you going. 

We'd also stress you have a look on the Facebook and Instagram pages of your local gyms and trainers to see what they are up to, during this time, we need to support as many people and businesses as we can. We've seen a lot of local trainers running live workouts on Facebook/Instagram and also via the Zoom app. 

Running or Walking Outdoors

Get your outdoor walking trousers on or your high rise leggings and get outdoors. Following the PM's announcement on Tuesday, we are allowed to outside for exercise once a day, alone or with members of our household. Be sensible, but running or walking and even just getting outdoors can be great for our mental health. Why not listen to a podcast and switch off whilst outdoors, focus on yourself. 

Benefits of getting outdoors:

  • Natural light is a mood booster
  • It can help improve your sleep
  • Get a good dose of Vitamin D
  • Release anxiety & stress
  • Keeps your body moving! 

Workouts You Can Do With The Kids!

Now for many parents across the UK, they are helping to teach their kids right now, but what do you do to get their PE session in? At Dust & Pine, we are big fans of The Body Coach and often follow his YouTube videos and live workouts. Last week he announced that this week, every weekday from 9am he will be hosting a live PE session for children across the world. It's a great way to keep your children active and get involved with them!   

Morning Stretches To Get Your Body Moving

Working from home can mean a lot of time sitting down, which isn't good for your muscles, joints and general mobility. Why not add a morning stretch to your daily routine? Blogger Zanna van Dijk is inviting you to join her for a morning stretch.

Remember throughout the day, every hour or so to carry out some stretches, have a little wander. Here are some easy and simple desk stretches from Bupa to carry out. 

Support Each Other

Social Media during this time can be a platform for good, a platform for community and bringing people together. We created our Dust & Pine community to bring likeminded people together, to discuss the great outdoors, workouts, our experiences and more. Groups like these can provide comfort and act as a way of socialising when we can't in the ways we usually would. 

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