It’s not days that you can’t, it’s days until you can!

At the time of writing we are over a week into ‘lockdown’ and having enjoyed the novelty of the missed morning commute and working in our pyjamas, our minds are starting to wander. We are starting to try and predict when it might be over, when we might see loved ones, the beach, enjoy a meal out and stop the idea that a daily bar of chocolate is ok because we are in lockdown!

We should all be getting fitter, judging by the amount of online workouts that have hit social media, our houses tidier and our ‘when we get out’ lists are growing by the day.

For some this is proving a positive time, a time to reflect, recharge and reconnect. For others, it’s an endurance, forced in to situations, worried about money, loved ones and a fear that they will never again know ‘normal’.

No one knows the answers right now but what we do know is that the great outdoors will still be there, waiting for us. Mother Nature flexed her muscles on the day the lockdown was announced and reminded us she was there – think back, she graced us with a few days sunshine, the birds sang and we could really relish our one permitted chance to exercise each day. 

It’s easy to focus on what we can’t do or what we might not be able to do going forward, to count the days that we can’t but we need to focus on the days until we can and be ready. 

If like us you love the outdoors why not start to get yourself ready and practice getting out and living off the grid, you can start with your back garden. It’s free and if you have children could be quite fun - decide on a night, get the tent up and camp!

If you need a tent…

Keep it simple…Go Outdoors offer a great range of good value tents that are ideal for first time campers.

Step it up a gear… with Outdoor Revolution who offer some seriously impressive tents, boasting extra living space and canopies.

Go all out with glamour… ever tried a bell tent? Glamping is now very popular and we love this guide from the Bell Tent Boutique.

Practice cooking and eating outside

You’ll need a stove and these caught our eye from Swedish brand Trangia or you might prefer a portable BBQ and what’s not to love about the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal.

A good sleeping bag is a must you can find a few suggestions here in this article on The Best Sleeping Bags 2020.

You’ll also need to make a list, we love a list like this one from Love The Outdoors making a list can be a great help and kept safe, can be used time and time again. It also helps you identify what you have, what you need to get and what you might be able to borrow. Our advice is to be realistic, you don’t need to buy all the equipment brand new, look out for second hand bargains and build your kit as you go.

Camping is an affordable holiday for couples and families and can be great fun. It’s hard to plan for a holiday right now so we suggest enjoying some fun in the garden and some planning for when you can get back to the great outdoors and enjoy some of the best locations to camp in the UK. Here’s a few ideas but make the most of a little time on your hands and start exploring some of the best UK camping spots online.

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