Transparency - an update from Dust & Pine

Over the past few weeks we have been quiet on Dust & Pine. This is so as a company we could review where we are heading as a business, and we wanted to ensure that we were making conscious decisions that promote diversity and inclusivity across all levels of our brand.

We are a small company who are still relatively new to this and we are aware we have work to do. In order to remain transparent with you all we have put together a list of things we will be doing going forward and are always open to suggestions from you guys!

Our Future Plans

Create a Community.

Dust & Pine was built on our belief that women should be allowed to feel confident, whether that’s on a walk outdoors, at the gym or hitting the pavement. We want you to be able to access information easily, so any new activity you want to try seems a little less daunting. To create a community, we have a Facebook group - Dust & Pine community where we encourage you all to share your experiences, ideas, ask questions and meet new people, all whilst getting active. We hope to expand this in the future by organising meet-ups and online events. 

Encourage More Inclusivity. 

Our aim is, and always has been, to show women that they can find comfortable, flattering and affordable active and outdoor wear, in a market that is primarily geared towards men. However, we understand that our page hasn’t highlighted enough in terms of diversity, so we are actively looking to change that. Going forward we want to ensure we hire and work with models and other creatives of a variety of ages, ethnicities and body types, to represent the diverse world we live in.

Introduce Sustainable and Ethically Sourced Products. 

We are aware of the issues the fashion industry contributes to the Climate Crisis and have been looking at ways we can help and reduce our impact. As our business continues to grow we are aiming to move our production to the UK or Europe to reduce the distance your garment travels before it gets to you, as well as sourcing recycled materials. We have already begun to take steps towards this with our new Wild at Heart Tee being printed in the UK and made from 100% Organic Cotton. Throughout our development of this we aim to be transparent as possible with you and letting you know exactly what goes into each garment.

Share Resources. 

We’ve already mentioned our Facebook page where you can share things within our community, but we really want to help you learn as much as possible, particularly about the outdoors. Our aim is to have a directory on our website where you can find information about how to take the first steps into a new activity and brands and people we love and hope you will too!

Additionally, we want to include a few links on this post and will continue to share elsewhere of research or ways to help in the current climate, particularly in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Resources for Supporting Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter

Yemen Crisis

Black Lives Matter - Linkt.ree





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