Where do I start - how does it get real?

So this weekend saw a push from This Girl Can and their new #fitgotreal campaign. Welcome news in the Dust & Pine office and it got us thinking - so how does it get real? We all need to start somewhere, whether it's dancing around the kitchen, joining a gym or just getting outside for a brisk walk. That is often the problem though, starting somewhere, easier said than done for some. 
So we put our heads together and came up with a few ideas:
Walking - it's straightforward, get your trainers on and get outside but walking on your own can be quite lonely. Yes, some days its super to head out on your own for a brisk walk, it can help clear the mind but often for many, it can lack purpose. So we suggest you get yourself a friend and they can have two legs or four! Dog walking is a great way to get yourself outdoors with purpose. Some of us at DP have dogs and they really are our best friends and out walking your dog can be really sociable as you pass the time of day with other dog walkers. We are not suggesting everyone should get a dog but if you are keen to get outside and lack the confidence and motivation then a dog can be the perfect companion. There is good news too if you haven't the time to devote to your own dog then why not volunteer as a dog walker with the RSPCA or the BlueCross, it's got to be good for the soul - you get to help out, get fit and boost your levels of wellbeing #winning 
Of course, we did say two or four legs - if dogs are not your thing, why not invite a friend along to join you? What's better than fresh air and a good chat with a mate? The ethos behind Dust & Pine is to inspire women to feel better about themselves and achieve their own goals so what are you waiting for, be a DP woman, call your mate and schedule in a catch-up, trainers on, grab that coffee to go and take your first step. 
Running - well it's just faster walking right? We all need a goal in life so if you've recently started walking and fancy trying running, give it a go. You don't need to nail a 5k first time out, many start by walking and running. Try walking to a lamp post and then running to the next and so on, building up each time you go out. There are some great training plans out there to get you running, so download one, like Couch to 5k and give it a go. By the way - we had a sneak peek of the new Dust & Pine clothing range last week, it launches in Spring 2019 and we reckon it will have you looking and feeling great outdoors.
Dancing - so we are currently loving a bit of Strictly in the office and admittedly we are all about getting outside but if the cha cha floats your boat and gets you moving then why the hell not we say! Our message here is about confidence, if the outdoors doesn't appeal just yet, then do something that does and as your confidence grows so will your need to explore. The more positive your experiences the more you will push yourself to try new things and we reckon you'll soon be quickstepping in the great outdoors!
Climbing - small steps here, no need to panic and glaze over this paragraph! It really isn't as hard as you think to start climbing and we suggest indoors is best. Start with bouldering at your local climbing centre, you'll be surprised at what you achieve and they offer all kinds of support from one to ones to women only socials. You can progress too and try rope climbing and when you're ready to head outdoors!
So these are just a few suggestions from us but we hope they inspire you to get started and give something ago, as they say, This Girl Can! Keep us posted on how you get on and please share any ideas you have. Dust & Pine is a community, here to support and inspire! #DPwomen

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