Wind, Protection is Key!

So it seems that these days we live in an ‘amber warning’ of wind world. We are not the met office but we’ve definitely picked up that wind and rain is a thing! It’s hard to do much about the rain; it would take an industrial umbrella to offer any sort of protection and even the sturdiest of rain hats would struggle.

The wind takes no prisoners either, as we watch nature battle to survive; our trees bend as if they were made of elastic, wildlife scurries for shelter and the snowdrops wonder why they popped up quite so early.

So as human beings what can we do to protect ourselves? Being stuck indoors drives us crazy and with a love of the outdoors we’ve taken a look at just what us ladies can do to take care of ourselves when battling the elements.

First up, invest in a good raincoat. We have this on the list for future collections, being a new, small brand, it’s hard to launch everything you want to at the start but we have aspirations to bring you a coat that cares. By that we mean, a coat that can boast as little impact on the environment as possible. Every person that buys one of our tops, leggings or trousers supports our vision, as we look to empower women to get outdoors feeling both confident and comfortable. All the money we make is getting ploughed back in so we can bring you future collections that we hope you will love but can also wear knowing that you are supporting a brand that cares for the environment. Armed with a good raincoat and we hope, you’re favourite Dust & Pine activewear underneath, we suggest a little protection for your skin…

Let’s be honest, our skin is so precious and is out there every day protecting us so it’s only fair we give it a little help and a little tender loving care. We were so excited when we came across our first suggestion at The Ski & Snowboard Festival a few years ago. Albus & Flora is, like us, a small brand with huge ambition and we just love, love, love their lip balms. The unique blend of natural plant oils and extracts ensure lips are healthy and supported for every adventure, large and small – we like that!

Mother nature really does up the ante on windy days so a good moisturiser is a must and we currently love Weleda.  Who are proudly NATRUE certified, the first internationally recognised quality seal for organic and natural beauty products.

If you’re in your 20/30’s and love the outdoors, combat the dryness with Weleda’s Hydrating Day Cream full of natural balancing benefits including organically-grown iris root, jojoba oil and soothing witch hazel. 

For those over 40, they offer a daytime companion made of pomegranate, a symbol of life-force, vitality and longevity.

Or try their Skin Food, which brings immediate comfort to dry skin. A light, quickly-absorbed lotion, it combines organic sunflower oil with skin-calming extracts of pansy, chamomile and calendula. 

Don’t forget your hands though, yes we grab our gloves but they still take a battering. Our go-to hand cream is by Aveeno, widely available in supermarkets and Boots. They offer an intensely hydrating hand cream that lasts through hand washing and keeps moisturising for 24 hours. 

Also on our list for hands, is a super treat by Lush -  Salted Coconut Hand Scrub, which takes hands to paradise, it also smells pretty good! 

We really hope you’ve found something that works for you and keeps your skin hydrated and radiant whatever the weather. Dust & Pine is all about feeling good about yourself so we have one last thing to share…

Being outdoors really does help ‘blow away the cobwebs’ we get a chance to rebalance life a little and put things in perspective. So much weighs on our shoulders these days and 10 minutes fresh air each day can have a really positive impact but we also need a good nights sleep, 8 hours is perfect but what if you have difficulty drifting off to sleep? We were delighted when we stumbled across ‘Something for Dreaming’, it’s vegan, contains melatonin, passionflower and lemongrass which helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and supports your mental and physical relaxation, both of which are essential for a good night’s sleep. 

So good night and sweet dreams, please keep sending us your stories and hashtag Dust & Pine on social media.

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